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60"x36"x36" / 5'x3'x3' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure

60"x36"x36" / 5'x3'x3' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure

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Kages Custom Reptile Enclosures™ are designed and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality ½” black extruded PVC, premium tempered glass sliding doors, vents in the rear and your choice of customization options. 


A truly custom PVC reptile enclosure is just a click away! Our enclosure options include:


  • Enclosure
  • Screws
  • Electronic copy of instructions 



Reptile Kages Policies

    About this product

    Kages Feature:

    Sleek Modern Design - Looks great in your home and your reptile will love it too! 

    BioActive Ready - Kages custom PVC reptile enclosures come bioactive ready; there’s no need for substrate shields or plastic liners. 

    Nonporous Matte Finish Surface - Minimizes stress on your reptile as they won't be threatened by their reflection. The smooth finish also makes cleaning up after your scaly friend a breeze. 

    Easy Assembly - We provide the screws and an electronic copy of the instructions. You'll just need a Phillips screwdriver and 20-50 minutes to assemble your custom reptile habitat. 

    Tempered Glass Doors - Thick, easy to slide glass doors with deeper top channel for easier Kage cleaning. Add door handles and locks for a secure enclosure.

    Rigid PVC Construction - Holds heat & humidity much better than glass tanks, giving you more control over your temperatures and humidity while using less electricity. 

    Made in The USA - Each and every Kages enclosure is handmade in the USA using the highest quality reptile safe materials available. 

    Maximum Customization - To give you the most flexibility in enclosure lighting; when you order light fixtures for your enclosure they arrive uninstalled so you can configure the lights to fit your needs. Just select the number of light fixtures you need and create your custom setup. 



    **Approximate Outside Dimensions: 59”x35”x35.5“

    At Kages we strive to use the highest quality products for our Premium PVC Enclosures that's why we use rigid expanded PVC & tempered glass sliding doors for our reptile caging. 

    Material: ½” rigid expanded PVC

    Lightweight closed-cell foam

    Closed cell surface

    Matte surface finish, both sides. A matte surface is great for reducing unnecessary stress on your reptile because they can not see their reflections. 

    Vibration and sound absorbent

    Low thermal conductivity (high insulation value)


    Chemical resistant, non-corroding

    Low water absorption (does not rot)

    Premium tempered glass  doors are a much safer option than float glass.

    Venting: Slit venting on the upper back wall of the PVC enclosure.

    Additional side venting is recommended for bioactive setups


    As we know animals and specifically reptiles are born into a vast world with huge enriching environments. It is our ethical duty as keepers to provide the closest thing possible to their natural environment that's why we made our custom PVC reptile cages Huge! The days of heavy glass 40 gallon breeders or that snake tank that's in your grandma's basement are long gone with our 5x3x3 custom PVC enclosure. Our PVC reptile cages are significantly larger than a traditional glass forty gallon breeder. 



    First and foremost all Kages custom reptile enclosures are made out of animal safe materials. We use ½” extruded rigid PVC, we use this high quality material because of its sleek matte finish, heat retention qualities and not to mention its non porous so it's easy to clean up and doesn't promote bacteria growth like other reptile cages may. 


    Kages custom enclosures can be used for a variety of species depending on their individual needs. All of our PVC enclosures have been designed to allow either minimal humidity retention or maximum depending on what the keepers goal is, if you are planning on doing a bioactive setup we suggest adding the additional side vents to promote more air flow. Our enclosures are built out of  ½” extruded PVC for its superior heat retention qualities, this great quality will result in needing a lower wattage bulb in your reptile enclosure resulting in energy savings and keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket. 


    At Kages we believe there is no one size fits all solution to reptile enclosures, so we decided that we would build them custom and build them quickly without any compromises. Here at Kages we make PVC enclosure customization easy, all it takes is a few clicks, just head over to the size of the enclosure you are interested in, select your features, then place your order, and we will get to work quickly building your new PVC enclosure so your pet can have the home of its dreams. We have built a variety of awesome reptile enclosures, from small 12”x12”x12” for hatchlings to 8x4x4 enclosures. If you need a custom sized reptile cage feel free to contact us to design your custom enclosure. 


    FREE Shipping to Continental United States.

    All of our PVC reptile enclosures are shipped unassembled to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage in transit. We build and disassemble each individual  reptile enclosure to ensure a perfect fit. Assembly is very easy and takes about 15 minutes and requires only a Phillips screwdriver, but I would recommend a drill to speed things up.

    This item arrives on a pallet, we recommend either having a friend with to help unload the pallet from the truck or selecting the lift-gate service at checkout to lower the pallet from the trailer.


    Each PVC enclosure is handmade; visible variations or imperfections may be present however they have no effect on the functionality of the enclosure.

    All custom reptile cage sizes are approximate. 

    We do not recommend the use of ceramic heat emitters in our custom PVC reptile enclosures. There are much safer and much more natural options for your new PVC reptile cage such as;

    Heat projector lamps

    Basking Bulb 

    Radiant heat panels

    Always use a thermostat and thermometer to monitor and regulate temperatures in your enclosure. Spyder Robotics makes excellent and very safe thermostats. 

    If you choose to seal the bottom seams of your enclosure, we recommend using aquarium safe silicone.

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